Friday, January 30, 2009


Its been ages about 6 months I guess of no posting. Ive been so darn busy. Lotsa things kept me so occupied and I was blogging about my training in dell months ago, gosh, i never thought I'll hate my job this much! I think over the course of being in Dell, I've been on sickleave for about two months in total! imagine that. I've been to HK, got pregnant and been so sad but everything is going smooth now, hopefully. Will update you soon. ciao!



Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy and Sad news

Hello there! It's been more than a month of no blogging. I've been too busy with my Dell technical training that I practically didn't have any time to even update my blog. Training is fun but "nosebleeding" at the same time. Good thing about it is the fulfillment you get from knowing how computers behave.

Sad part of my training is the lesser time I can spend with hubby since we are working on different shifts. I am happy though that I was given a temporary (8 weeks) of sat-sun day off. So we just try to make every weekends memorable. hehehe.

I also dedicate this particular posting to my "Godmother" Avelina "bella" Felix who is the beloved mom of my good friend Gara. She passed away the night of July 12. I was in the ICU the afternoon of that day and I never thought that I would actually cry that hard. I felt the misery and longing of my friend Gara. A day before she had the "accident" and was sent to the ICU, which was on a thursday, "Mommy" even sent me a home cooked ginataang mais which I really like. I know she is happy now with our Creator. Her death maybe sudden but her life was well-lived.

On a lighter note this time, I have a new arm candy. I so love it, till when, I don't know. This a smaller version of the one I have posted a few months back. Summer in the city bag



Friday, June 13, 2008

Tired me

Geez I miss blogging so much! But my limited time and busy sched makes it impossible for me to blog regularly nowadays. Even at this time that I am scribbling this posting, I feel like my eyes would drop any moment for I am so sleepy and and tired!

I miss the fun days every time I go off from work. I specially miss the time that I spend with hubby. This makes it so limited now due to different skeds. I sleep all by myself now every weekdays. I am not complaining, i know that this is just a temporary set up (say 2 months, darn!). Who am I to complain right? There are lotsa people in the world who has no work and here I am complaining about my tiring training and work.

On the other hand, much as how tired I am, I miss attending a classroom set up training. Its been years since I last attended my masteral class and I miss studying and not really working. If its only possible that I can just attend training over and over again and not to go to the production floor anymore. ~wishful thinking~

Gotta go back to my side job, need to finish it. tata for now



Sunday, June 8, 2008

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I've been out in the blogging world for a number of days now, probably weeks. I've been so busy and tired lately. I was back in training again. It's nice, like the first time I had my training at work, now it is for a different task. I am not really confident on the outcome but i try to be positive about it. I don't want to invite any negative vibes here. Bad thing about the training is that, it involves a lot of studying, reviewing and I am in the morning shift and gets to spend about a maximum of 4 hours only with my hubby. Sad :(

On top of my busy training sched, I am back again in writing. I have a specific task this week, I dont know yet if I can do full time just like before. I have lots of things to do lately and I spend my time after work just resting.

Today, I just learned that Rudy Fernandez already died. I am not a fan, but it saddens me knowing that after everything his family has done to treat his cancer, he still died. Death is not really a cool thing but everyone would eventually go back to Our creator. Hope everyone gets to enjoy their life before this inevitable happens.



Monday, May 26, 2008

Foodie and others

I am blogging with a heavy heart. I am removing my ads for some undisclosed reason. Other bloggers may know the reason why, so I won't elaborate and dwell on it. It even came to a point wherein I wanted to shut down my blog but I've realized that it's not worth doing it. This blog was created for my love of writing so I wish to continue the so-called-battle, hehehe.

Today is Memorial Day in US so daddy is with me at home, doh technically he is still working. I am happy as usual because I get to spend extra time with him. During days where we can spend time more, we make it a point to really bond. We were both craving for something Italian and Mediterranean. In the morning, we dropped by at Bretto’s, it’s the only deli I know in our place which has a restaurant as well as a grocery with countless imported meats, steaks, cold cuts and cheese! I bought 200 grams of Mozzarella cheese and Cheddar cheese plus some cuts of Balony and nice warm bread with a weird shape. I hurriedly made our late breakfast,my own version of Submarine sandwich. It has several pieces of balony, onion rings, tomatoes, butter, mayo and layers and layers of melted Mozzarella and chedder cheese. It was heaven; I was able to make 5 servings of it. It was almost finished when I realized I forgot to put some ketchup on it. Darn! Anyhoo, it was still a great sandwich.

By afternoon, we decided to visit Molly Malones in Fields Avenue which offers international cuisine including Indian. We miss so much the Cheese Tosai we had at Little India. Tosai is a pan grilled Indian bread that tasted so good. It has melted cheese inside with different variety of dips. But this bread is not available locally, so we opted to buy Papad and Naan Bread instead.

Papad is a toasted flat crisp, pressed with mild Indian Spices. This particular bread is very tasty, distinctly Indian. The Naan is a round shape leavened grilled bread. For 40 pesos, its kinda pricey considering it has the same size and consistency as with the Shawarma bread but definitely taste better. Its grilled to perfection, comes with a garlic sauce dip and salsa. It can also be taken with mozzarella cheese or dip it with olive-basil-soysauce dip.

The small tortilla like is the papad and Naan is the Shawarma-like bread.

And oh I am so happy that our PSP actually worked for internet access via WIFI. I just tried it yesterday at home and I am using it tonight as well. See, I was able to even access my blog. :)


Its not really yucky but some of you might not be used to seeing unusual procedures done to any human. Below is my brother’s hand after an operation he had these past weeks. A metal wire/stick was inserted inside his hand due to a broken and chipped hand bone with 4 or 5 stapler (it’s the term used as it looks like a stapler) in it. Its not really that clear coz he was just cleaning it when I took the picture, the betadine almost covered it.



Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Barely a few days ago, I was blogging about my mom and brother’s condition. Though they were admitted for almost a week on two different hospitals, they were both released last Saturday. You can feel the happy ambiance at our home last Saturday afternoon. It has been a full week of not being together in our place, almost all days and nights were spent in the hospitals instead. Now both of them are recuperating. It’s like we have not undergone any dilemma over the past week. Every worry was erased.

One thing I have learned, God will not give us problems that we can’t handle. Understand that everything that you have experienced will eventually benefit you in the end. We have to face reality that life is not always heaven, we are surrounded by different issues that would tend to complicate our lives and yet, we must put a good attitude of being watchful yet careful and thankful. Watch our actions and our words. Watch even our health because we only have one body and we must take care of it. I can’t thank God enough for helping us through this course. The gloomy week was over and everyone is now happy. :)

Yes, it’s true that “Everything must be done with a thankful heart and let resentment never be a part of your life”. Surely you would realize all the blessings in your life come pouring in. Even tragic moments has good outcome for sure.

I have a super big wish in my heart, it sometimes brings me so much pain when I realize that it’s not yet happening but this only means that I have expressed dissatisfaction over Gods’ way. Now I am constantly reminding myself that God will give it to me in His most sweet time. As early as now, I am so thankful to God for my big wish, that I know, sooner or later, He will surely grant it.